Poker Heaven is now closed!

Poker Heaven has now closed and the cashier can no longer be accessed. All remaining balances will be manually refunded where possible to verified accounts before December 1st 2015. 

If you believe you have a balance to reclaim from 1st December 2015 onwards, please email with your claim including your Poker Heaven Account Number, Username and registered email address.  If you do not have all this information please supply as much that you can so that your account can be located.  You will also be required to provide identification verification documents to claim any balance that could not be manually refunded.

Please check out our Frequently Asked Questions below for further information.  If you still can’t find the answer to your query please email for further information



  • Why is Poker Heaven closing?

    After ten years as a trusted European Poker brand that has focused on enhanced player experience and outstanding customer service, due to increased market regulation across Europe and other environmental factors, will close on November 12th 2015.

  • When is Poker Heaven closing?

    Gameplay at Poker Heaven has now stopped.  We have however extended access to the cashier for withdrawals until 23rd November.  There is no minimum withdrawal amount, After 23rd November, Poker Heaven will try to push your non-withdrawn funds back to your verified account via the deposit method used, however you will incur a fee of up to €10 for this service.  You may still be unable to receive funds this way if your deposit method does not permit this or details have expired.

  • Is my money safe?

    Absolutely. All player funds are held in a ring-fenced account and are available for you to withdraw from now until 19th November. After 19th November you will still be able to access your funds by emailing with your specific account details however we encourage all players to withdraw prior to 19th November to ensure the quickest withdrawal times possible.

  • What if I don’t withdraw my funds before 19th November?

    You will still be able to retrieve any funds after 19th November by emailing and supplying relevant account details however you are strongly recommended to withdraw any funds before this date to ensure they are returned as quickly as possible.

  • Can I still earn loyalty points in November?

    No. The Poker Heaven loyalty program has finished as of 1st November. All outstanding loyalty program payments have been made.

  • What happens to any tournament tickets I have?

    You must use any tournament tickets that you have before 12th November as they will be expired after this date.

  • Where can I continue to play online Poker?

    Poker Heaven have teamed up with so you can continue playing on the exact same Poker software. Sign up by clicking here and you will be eligible for an exclusive offer only available to Poker Heaven players where you will receive a free welcome package